Why is a rotary engraver better suited to produce raised-character signage than a laser?

Rotary engravers are recommended for producing tactile characters because you need to use a beveled bit to cut out the raised characters, so the top surface is thinner than the base. Only rotary engravers can take care of beveled-edge cutouts. Try running your fingers quickly over a set of laser-cut characters and you’ll see why people who read by touch prefer the beveled characters.

Reading raised characters or Braille requires that the signs themselves follow a huge number of complicated and detailed rules with often-tiny measurements. Otherwise, the signs can be unreadable and useless.

Characters meant for touch readers need at least a slight bevel on the characters, which must be a minimum of 1/32-inch raised. Stick to that – anything higher or lower is difficult to read.

Sharon Toji, ADA Sign Products

Sharon Toji

Sharon, also known as The ADA Sign Lady, is the president of ADA Sign Products, as well as a consultant for the company. She's authored a manual, “Signs and the ADA,” and began her journey in ADA signage in 1980.

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