Which winter sports generate higher profits?

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When analyzing winter sports and determining where best to cultivate business through networking and marketing, it makes sense to pursue those sports that are likely to generate the most profit. Some sports certainly sell more awards than others.

It’s obvious that all is driven by participation. In the regions where ice hockey is played-draw a line across the belly of the U.S., west to east; it’s all northern regions-you have the biggest participation and the most awards. Wrestling is huge across the country; however, basketball-through the end of March-is the top sport. So I might rank basketball first, wrestling second and ice hockey third.

   —Marco Awards Group

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Cathy Garcia

Cathy Garcia of Marco Awards Group entered the awards and recognition industry 25 years ago and has spent almost all of those years in marketing, new product development and China sourcing. She spent a large portion of time in China working to build successful manufacturing resources and product quality assurance.   

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