Which challenges play a role in whether a shop can be successful offering sandcarving services?

Because sandcarved items are handmade, there is an element of craft or art to certain products; therefore, sandcarving can be more labor intensive compared to a more automated process such as laser engraving. Not to take anything away from those processes, but sandcarving requires a more hands-on approach, so this could pose a challenge for shops who don’t want to invest the time into a product. On the opposing side, because of this challenge, you can command a much higher dollar.

-Billy Willis, Rayzist

Billy Willis

Billy Willis is Sales Manager for Rayzist Photomask, Inc. He has been employed with the company for the past 27 years. Billy has had the opportunity to travel around the world educating and providing photoresist technology to companies worldwide. Billy can be reached by phone at 800-729-9478, by email at [email protected] or online at

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