When faced with a job you don’t know how to do, what is the best way to learn?

We learned through the school of hard knocks – we took every job that came in the door and figured out how to do it. In the beginning, we occasionally made mistakes and ruined items that we replaced at our own cost in order to make it right with the customer. At the time, we had no idea there were forums, for example, Epilog Laser Fans, and other resources we could turn to for help. If we were starting over today, we would take better advantage of educational forums to ask questions and seek help from experienced laser operators.

-Mike Westbrook, Mile High Laser Engraving

Mike Westbrook

Mike Westbrook

Mike Westbrook owns Mile High Laser Engraving, a custom decorating shop specializing in laser engraving, dye sublimation, and sand etching and carving. The shop offers awards, recognition, signage, custom engraving, and promotional products to clients across the United States. Based in Denver, Colorado, Mile High Laser Engraving has been in business since 2011.

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