What’s the benefit of adding sandcarving services to my offering?

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Sandcarving is clean, easy, and efficient. Unique effects, attainable only through sandcarving, add elegance and value, making every carved substrate stand out among the rest. Techniques such as color-filling, stage carving, and shading allow for images and textures that are sure to turn heads. 

Also, if a customer would like to stage carve, achieving multiple depths, you can easily do it with sandcarving-multiple depths are not feasible with alternative methods. Laser engraving and diamond cutting can ‘chip’ the edges when etching brittle substrates.

-Peter Norman, IKONICS Imaging



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Peter Norman

Peter Norman is the director of sales for IKONICS Imaging. He has been with IKONICS Corporation for 19 years, and currently manages IKONICS Imaging domestic and export sales.

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