What types of tools and accessories should I stock for outerwear embroidery?

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Jackets are too thick to hoop traditionally. Magnetic hoops will hold down these thick jackets without pinching the thick lining that will ultimately pop out during sewing. On thicker jackets, a heavy gauge 80/12 needle will keep from breaking when penetrating through the jacket.

When embroidery is the solution on lighter outerwear, use a special backing or easy cut, 2.5-oz. stabilizer to help reduce distortion. Typically it’s best to use a smaller gauged 65/9 needle which is great for detail and it doesn’t perforate the edges of the image. On fuzzy or furry outerwear, use topping to hold down the fibers to keep them from pushing through the fill stitching and to keep the detail stitching from sinking in.


Lon Winters

Lon Winters

At 21 years old, Lon Winters was the production manager for Ocean Pacific and started his 30+ year career reclaiming screens. His companies have won 50+ garment decorating awards and honors, and he's served 15+ years as an honorary Golden Image Judge, published hundreds of articles and columns, led various industry seminars and workshops, and consulted on projects large and small. He's the president and founder of Colorado-based Graphic Elephants, an international consulting firm and apparel decoration studio specializing in screen printing technical advances, plant design, layout, troubleshooting, productivity, quality analysis and complete apparel decorating solutions. He was inducted into the Academy of Screen Printing Technology in 2013 and is recognized for his contribution to the graphic printing industry.

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