What are some visually appealing mounting options for awards and signage?

One of the most prolific professional mounting options for awards and signage that is visually appealing to the public is the use of standoffs. This mounting solution is minimalist without looking cheap, adds to the overall perceived value assessment of the consumer, and creates a high-end look to an installation that can be expanded and replicated over an entire campus, museum, or trophy case.

-Chris Howard, Gyford StandOff Systems

Chris Howard

Chris Howard, MM has been working in Marketing and Product Development for 15 years in the fashion watch, handbag, and education industries. Formerly, he worked as the Marketing Coordinator at Gyford StandOff Systems. Howard holds a Masters of Management degree as well as certificates in Marketing and Visual Communication, combining his project management and continuous improvement knowledge with consumer decision-making models to create meaningful and timeless products and campaigns.

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