What are some letters and characters that are prone to kerning issues with embroidery?

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Some characters are prone to kerning issues and should be evaluated for visual correctness. The shape of a character has a lot to do with the final spacing. Some of the main culprits are:

–             Slanted characters such as A, V, W, and Y.

–             Letters that have pieces that extend on either the top or bottom such as F, L, and T.

–             A combination of lettering pairs that have slants such as an A and V together.

Another issue to look out for are characters in the middle of a word. It is important to examine both sides of a letter for potential issues. For instance, with the word PANORAMA. The space between the A and the N looks fine, but the space between the A and the P to the left of it creates a gap next to the P.

   —Hirsch Solutions

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