What are some important notes screen printers should know about cap printing?

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Cap printing is all about having the proper jig and ensuring proper off-contact

Many press companies sell hat platens or jigs to fit on manual presses. Be sure to have a nice off-contact set and also be sure to smooth out your printing surface as much as possible. Hats are a lot less cooperative than shirts. Take the time to set up correctly and your results should be nice and consistent. 

   —T&J Printing Supply

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Aaron Harris

Aaron is a screen printer, educator, and regional sales representative for T&J Printing Supply. Aaron uses his 10 plus years of experience in the industry as a printer and production manager to help his clients accelerate their companies growth by working with them to understand new products and best practices. His goal is to help them become the most efficient and quality-focused decorators they can be. Connect with Aaron at 

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