Writing a Business Plan for Your Unused Equipment: Operations planning

A good operation plan is essentially five ideas.

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A good operation plan is essentially five ideas. For this project, think about why a piece of equipment didn’t work out and how working on these issues could resolve that challenge.

  • Who should be working on what? This details your people and who needs to be involved.
  • What resources are needed? Resources can be supplies, as well as time, money, or training.
  • Examine the risks. Things can go south. What are the most common problems? Do you understand them?
  • Prevent the risks. How are you going to stop these from happening?
  • Strategically plan. Once you’ve outlined the four areas above, write a strategic plan in a SMART goal format.

Operational planning is all about creating a positive direction and establishing accountability.

What do you need to do, and who is doing it?

Learn more about forming an operations plan on here.

Marshall Atkinson

Marshall Atkinson is a graduate of Florida State University with a bachelor's of science in art and is now the owner of Atkinson Consulting LLC. He worked for T-Formation of Tallahassee Inc. for nearly 18 years as both art director and vice president of operations and was instrumental in the company's third-party certification through the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership - the first apparel company to receive such accreditation. Atkinson has participated on trade show and webinar industry panel discussions regarding sustainability and the Consumer Product Safety Information Act. Currently, he is also responsible for the education division of InkSoft. 

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