Word to the Wise: Backing Up Files

Erich Campbell talks file backup and why it's critical for any digitizer. 

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No matter what software you run, I can’t stress enough that you need both a revolving local backup disk and backup in the cloud. Back up all of your files daily and copy your backups to a drive you store in a second location at least weekly, and backup as much as you can afford to on a daily basis to a cloud-based service.

You never want to lose a client’s digitized files, and with the cost and/or time it takes to have them recreated, backups are a cheap alternative. If you simply can’t see your way to paying for this critical service, at the very least, take a free service like Google Drive and store your expanded embroidery files (DST or otherwise). Even with limited space, these tiny files will likely have no problem fitting in the free limit, and it’s a very simple process to stick your files in a folder that backs up automatically with the free software included.

Alexandria Bruce

Alexandria Bruce is the Daily editor for GRAPHICS PRO magazine covering news and education in the apparel decoration, signage and digital printing, and awards and customization industries.

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