Why Video Speaks Volumes

When it comes to product descriptions or equipment tutorials, consumers would prefer to watch a video. Learn about the stats in this tip. 

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Getting your content noticed on social media can be challenging. Take Facebook and their constant algorithm changes for example. Each time Facebook changes its methods, we must modify ours.

Presented with this challenge, consider putting video to more use. reports that four times as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read an article about it. Additionally, four out of five consumers say a video showing how a product or service works is important.

With those statistics in mind, video usage should be implemented and on your radar if it’s not already. With Facebook, filters and algorithms are in place to identify the content of the post and decide what to do with it. Videos may be more likely to find their way through those. 

A quick Google search offers free tools for creating videos, and you may even have a video editor on your machine such as Windows Movie Maker. I use the software program that came with my digital camera.

In terms of content, videos don’t necessarily require animation or humans. In fact, you may notice that many popular videos are really just slideshows using images. A quick one-minute presentation using images of your products and showcasing your services is quick and easy to create, and beneficial for use on your websites and social media accounts.

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