Why Customer Retention is Important

Learn why maintaining relationships with your older customers is just as important as finding new ones. 

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While it’s always ideal to reach out and build your prospective client list, it’s also critical to periodically check in with your current customers. Your new clients may bring in some high-paying jobs, but consider this statistic: it costs five times as much to cultivate a new customer relationship as it does to maintain an existing one. Make sure you spend as much time retaining your loyal customers as attracting new ones. 

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Alexis Ciesla

Alexis Ciesla is a consultant with an extensive background in sales, marketing, trade shows, and business and brand development. Ciesla has specific expertise in the decorated apparel and promotional products industry as the former publisher of Printwear Magazine. Ciesla also worked in sales and management at  National Business Media for 14 years before starting her own marketing consulting business, ANC Consulting in 2011. The ANC client list is diverse, including the competitive sailing market, specialty foods, and medicine. Ciesla currently serves the decorated apparel market as a consultant for Lawson Screen and Digital Products. 

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