What to Consider When Purchasing a Single-Head Embroidery Machine

Here are some of the most common features to take into consideration when purchasing single-head embroidery machine. 

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It’s important to make a well-informed choice on your first single-head embroidery machine. Here are some of the most common features to take into consideration:

–              Sewing field: Consider the size of your sewing field. This can effect what types of jobs you’ll be able to take on. Typically single-heads have larger sewing fields than multi-heads. In fact, some multi-heads can handle only one large jacket-back on every other head.

–              Needles: Determine how many needle heads you need to complete your most common work. If you are considering an older machine with fewer needles, how often will those extra needles come into play? Most designs in stock art collections do not even hit the old nine-needle limit. On the other hand, a machine with more needles will allow you to load more common colors-which means less thread changes-and you can also load half sharp and half ball-point needles to ready the machine for both knits or wovens.

–              Trace features: The trace double checks the fit of the design in the hoop and the ability to move easily backwards or forwards in a design.

–              Running speeds: While the simple designs running at top speed on display at trade shows might be impressive, running speeds demand closer attention. Research the speed at which registration and the thread holds; the place where quality and efficiency are both served.

–              Editing features: Ask other embroiderers how often they use built-in editing features to determine whether they are worth the extra cost of a particular single-head machine.

–              Software: Make sure whatever program you use is properly supported by the equipment, fits your needs, and comes with training. It might be tempting to buy multiple stock designs but you may find the money would be better invested elsewhere in your business.

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