VIDEO: Heat Transfer Foil-A Guide to Success

Thinking about exploring heat transfer foil? Learn proper techniques in this installment of STAHLS' TV

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Whether you want to add foil to your current heat printing services or take it to the next level and expand into multicolor or mixed-media applications, this video from STAHLS’ TV has the info you need to succeed. This archived recording of a recent live class explores a range of basic to advanced applications.

Step-by-step demonstrations include one-color foil printing; applying a left-chest foil print to a tri-blend; creating multicolor foil finishes, including distressed and predictable patterns; using a nonstick cover sheet as a block out to produce a pattern; foiling oversize garments; and more.

Video talking points include:

  • Multicolor foil printing for discrete graphic elements
  • Multicolor foil printing for artwork where the foil is integrated into the design
  • The ins and outs of mixing various types of transfer media, such as flock
  • Design placement
  • Material print order
  • Pressing and peeling to maximize quality and production


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