Use Heat-Resistant Foam to Avoid Transfer Lines in 6 Easy Steps

Follow these six easy steps to prevent those pesky transfer lines.

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There are several steps that can be used to eliminate those transfer lines. Try using a special heat-resistant foam to reduce or remove the edge line in your sublimation transfer. This is the most in-depth solution, but should give you the winning results. Here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Take the heat resistant foam and cut it down to be smaller than your transfer paper, but larger than the image you are trying to transfer.
  2. Calibrate the press by putting the heat-resistant foam in it. When the press closes, it should reduce the size of the foam by half its normal size.
  3. Place the foam on the location where the image is going to be pressed and then cover the entire platen with a Teflon cover sheet.
  4. Place the garment on the press in a threaded fashion and align the image area over the top of the foam piece.
  5. Use a light spray tack adhesive and spray your transfer. Then put it over the top of the foam piece so the edges of the transfer are out over the edges of the foam.
  6. Place a blowout sheet over the top of the transfer and press according to the manufacturer instructions (typically around 400 degrees for 45 to 60 seconds).

-Aaron Montgomery, 2 Regular Guys, MontCo Consulting

Aaron Montgomery

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