Use Gaussian Blur and Merge Mode Effect in Corel Photo-Paint

Learn how to use these effects in Corel Photo-Paint X8.

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With the new lens object Gaussian Blur in Corel Photo-Paint X8, now also available from the Object Manager Docker, there is an increase in non-destructive image editing possibilities.

Open any image and go to: Object, Create, New Lens, Gaussian Blur (or you can click on the New Lens icon at the bottom of the Object Manager Docker and choose Gaussian Blur from the list). You can easily change the amount of blur applied via the Opacity slider.

You can also apply a Merge Mode effect in the Object Manager Docker, adding more interesting, favorable non-destructive image editing to your photo. You can always go back and forth and change, edit, etc. You can use the Eraser tool (Toolbox, then Eraser tool or “X”), to erase and knock out parts of the Gaussian Blur object if you like. 

Stefan Lindblad, CorelDraw Master

Stefan Lindblad

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