Typography Tip for Personalization Experts

What is the most important element to pay attention to when designing type for custom products like awards?

Be critical with typography and pay attention to character spacing. If letter spacing is too tight, or spread out, it is harder to read and may distract from the overall award.

The key is to keep an extensive library of fonts – both classic and modern – and use them appropriately. Weddings, for example, may deserve a script style and corporate events could use a modern sans-serif font. There are free font sites available such as Google Fonts, but be sure the type you choose is for commercial use. There are many more subscription-based sites and licensing for everything downloaded. Simply follow the steps to download, and the font automatically stores onto your computer’s hard drive.

-Brad Wass, Gyford StandOff Systems

Brad Wass

Brad Wass is a Digital Media Artist at Gyford StandOff Systems. He has worked in the company's graphics and marketing department for over eight years, specializing in photography and video. 

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