Two Methods to Print Arm Warmers

Two easy methods to create custom arm warmers.

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Custom arm warmers decorated with sublimation transfers are a great way to increase sales to promotional products customers. Dye-sub ready sleeves come in youth and adult sizes, and templates are available for download in Corel, Photoshop and Illustrator file formats. Use a transfer that is larger than the sleeve to ensure full coverage. Here are two methods for easy application:

Method 1: Lay the arm warmer on the lower platen. Position the sublimation transfer design-side down over the sleeve. Press for 30 seconds at 375 degrees using medium pressure. Peel when hot. Then flip the sleeve over and repeat to do the other side.

Method 2: If you are using a wide-format (44-inch) sublimation printer and a tacky paper, you can actually use both sides (left and right, not top and bottom) of the paper. Print the front and back designs leaving space between the two. Since both sides can be printed simultaneously, this saves time.

Cut the two designs apart. Press one transfer sheet face up on the lower platen. Center the arm warmer over the design.

Next, take the second sleeve transfer design and position it on top. The sticky paper helps hold the substrate in place prior to pressing. Press at the same time, pressure and temperature as before. Printing the top and bottom of the arm warmer simultaneously also saves time over printing the top and then going back to print the bottom.

Use a light adhesive spray on the transfer before applying it to prevent slippage and make the job easier.

-Maradith Schwandner, Coastal Business Supplies

Maradith Schwandner

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