Top 3 Mistakes Every Shop Makes

The next time your shop makes a mistake that could cost you a sale, try following these six steps.

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In our industry, the top three mistakes shops consistently make are missing deadlinesquality issues, or dealing with some sort of financial challenge.

Are you a few days late shipping that order? Did a client just open a box and see that their entire order is printed off-center or the back print is missing? Is someone on the phone screaming at your receptionist because their credit card was charged incorrectly?

Bad news goes viral instantly. Having someone tell a good chunk of their friends or post on Facebook that you suck isn’t a good look for your shop. The next time your shop makes a mistake that could cost you a sale, try following these six steps:

Step 1: Own it-Absolutely nothing upsets people more than making excuses or deflecting the responsibility away from your company when clearly it was your mistake.

Step 2: Learn from it and change something-Identify. Discuss. Solve. This is a shop-wide global initiative. Encourage training and discussions across all departments.

Step 3: Demonstrate the change-After you’ve rebuilt your processes the next step is to show your customer that you are doing something different. That’s how you earn that trust back.

Step 4: Don’t be defensive-When you try to position the problem into your customer’s lap, their natural inclination is to raise their shields too. And when people aren’t defensive they are more apt to listen.

Step 5: Don’t violate their trust, be proactive-The best shops think proactively regarding problems that could occur and develop training, systems, and procedures to ensure things go smoothly.

Step 6: Learning the new-It’s been said that there always is a better way. It’s true. To learn and implement this, you have to be brave and try something different.

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Marshall Atkinson

Marshall Atkinson is a graduate of Florida State University with a bachelor's of science in art and is now the owner of Atkinson Consulting LLC. He worked for T-Formation of Tallahassee Inc. for nearly 18 years as both art director and vice president of operations and was instrumental in the company's third-party certification through the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership - the first apparel company to receive such accreditation. Atkinson has participated on trade show and webinar industry panel discussions regarding sustainability and the Consumer Product Safety Information Act. Currently, he is also responsible for the education division of InkSoft. 

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