Top 2 Reasons for Uniforms in The Era of Freelancing and Remote Work

How important are company uniforms in 2018?

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How important are company uniforms in 2018?

These days, we’re overwhelmed with articles and experts proclaiming the undeniable shift in the workplace. Leaders are looking for creative ways to find and keep the best talent. Companies are creating new departments to study how to improve their culture.

Younger people entering the workforce are getting more of a say in how they work. Perks, like working from home or dressing more comfortably, are becoming more standard. Younger workers see these ideas as necessary for them to maintain their identity while giving value to an organization.

So, we as uniform companies, find ourselves asking this question daily. This question helps us to establish our identity. It forces us to consider our position in the market. It strengthens our message.

While some companies and businesses are shifting to a more casual environment, there is still a place for uniforms. 

Uniforms promote employee collaboration

With so many of our clients, there is often a team of people that perform similar functions. Whether they’re replacing broken water lines, transporting passengers by bus, or providing managed storage solutions in the tri-state region, many employees are doing the same work.

For these occupations, uniforms provide a sense of organization and make sense. They help give a feeling of belonging.

When the team is dressed in uniform, they know they’re a part of a team. Uniforms can promote a sense of family amongst fellow employees, which can improve the work efficiency. 

Uniforms promote the company brand

This is one of the most “visible” reasons for uniforms today, especially for in-service businesses.

Think for a moment about local businesses that provide services in your community. How are the employees dressed? Does seeing a well-decorated company logo improve your impression of the business? More importantly, is your impression of the company based solely on the employees’ attire?

This is a massive consideration for businesses whose employees are out in the community to serve their customers. They want the employee to promote their brand. As a prospective customer, the company wants you to see their well-dressed employees as extensions of a professional organization. As a current customer, they want you to feel comfortable interacting with a well-dressed employee. They also want you to feel confident in the service you’re getting.

Businesses should dress their team to look like the professionals they train them to be. 

With every client interaction, this is where we see the need for uniforms. Even in the days of remote work and relaxed dress codes, there are still companies who want and need their team to look professional while they’re working where the world can see them. 

JR Tuttle

JR is the system manager for Model Apparel, a company that specializes in uniform fulfillment programs. JR has been in his current position for five years maintaining all company accounting, purchasing and receiving, and order and inventory management. Additionally, he manages Project Tracker to organize all open requests of the software company and is responsible for quality assurance testing of software fixes in a test environment before changes are approved for the company's live environment. Previous to being the company's system manager, JR was the operation manager for Model Apparel for five years. For more information on Model Apparel, visit 

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