‘Tis the Season for Sublimation: 3 popular Christmas products

Discover these three popular Christmas products perfect for sublimation.

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One of the biggest holidays for a sublimation company is Christmas. Many of the products available can be offered as either a gift or a decoration. Here are a few products that are popular with customers:

  1. Phone cases: Phone cases are hot items. Everyone has a phone case on his or her phone nowadays. They offer both protection and style to anyone’s phone. Offered in a majority of the popular models, they are easily sublimated and come as separate components-the case and sublimatable plate. The fact that they are separate items allows you to sell the case with a couple different plates as a kit. This will allow your customer to swap plates out when they feel they want a new picture in it to give it a different look. You can sell a kit like that for a fraction of what a case would cost in the store, not to mention it would be customized for that customer.
  2. Ornaments: Another popular item around the holidays is the ornament. There are a few different choices in ornaments. Ornaments are easy to sublimate and lend to a really nice profit margin.
  3. Mugs: One of the most popular products is the mug. Personalized mugs offer an excellent markup and are sure to make an impression on your customers and their families.

– Kevin Lumberg & TJ Kvilhaug, Johnson Plastics 

Kevin Lumberg & TJ Kvilhaug

Kevin Lumberg is a Sublimation Sales Specialist and TJ Kvilhaug is a Large Format Sublimation Account Manager at Johnson Plastics Plus. Visit Johnson Plastics Plus on the web at For further information, Kevin can be reached at 800-869-7800 ext. 5737 or by email at [email protected] TJ can be reached at 800-869-7836 or by email at [email protected]

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