Tips and Tricks for Engraving Acrylic

Consider these tips for engraving and cutting acrylic products.

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There are almost no limits for the uses of acrylics. Laser cutting can be used to quickly and easily produce illuminated and neon advertising, signage or sales display and many other plastic products. When laser engraving acrylic, the surface is removed by the laser. As a result, even the finest details can be displayed accurately. The engraving result is a matte white engraving on transparent acrylic.

Consider these tips for engraved acrylic products:

Cast acrylic: Although it is slightly more expensive, use cast acrylic for more detailed engraving. This material has a structure that produces better engraving results for photos and very detailed engravings than more cost-effective, extruded acrylic materials.

Acrylic cutting table: Back reflections of the laser beam from the cutting table are easily visible. Therefore, the white acrylic grid or the cutting table (lamellae) should be used.

Ignition: A powerful exhaust system is important when cutting acrylic. Acrylic is prone to flame formation when gases are not extracted efficiently. Never leave the machine unattended.

Air assist off: Turn the air assist off when cutting acrylic, as this will make cutting edges clearer while avoiding grooves.

-Josh Stephens, Trotec Laser

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Josh Stephens

Josh Stephens is the owner of Lasers Plus. Formerly, he was the lead applications expert for Trotec Laser. He has been in the industry for over seven years.

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