Think of Your Customer Base Like a Growing Family

Your product quality is excellent, but your potential customers are still asking, So? What makes you so special? Jim Sadler has some advice for you.

When I think about my own customer base, they feel to me like a growing family. Sure, product quality has to be excellent, but it’s more the relationships formed that keeps customers coming back and spreading the word. Without even necessarily being conscious about it, satisfied customers will do much more to promote your business.

So, I think that if the product quality is excellent and the service is great, even if there may be some moaning and groaning over price, overall customer satisfaction will be high.

-Jim Sadler

Jim Sadler

Jim Sadler is a former university professor of computer graphics and a freelance designer. He is currently offering his services as a consultant within the industry. He brings together his expertise in design, computer graphics and industry-related technologies with his ability to communicate through teaching and technical assistance. Jim can be reached by e-mail at [email protected] His web address is

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