The Small, Yet Mighty Name Badge

These small products offer big opportunity for your business.

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Name badges provide businesses with high-quality, durable and attractive name badges and offer your business a profit opportunity. Here are some tips and tricks for offering customized name badges:

  • While small businesses can be beneficial and bring you more business, the focus should be on mid-to-large-sized companies. Mid-sized companies typically have approximately 10 to 50 employees and large companies have more than 50. Focusing on larger businesses means they most likely have a higher turnover rate, so even after the large initial purchase, they will still need more badges from month to month.
    You should offer full-color printing of logos and text and a wide range of background color and font options.
  • You should put your contact information on the back of each badge so that when someone new is being hired, it will be easy for the manager or owner to order a new one.
  • Offer the option of adding their emergency business contacts to the back of the badge for quick access.
  • Including promotions and special deals on the badges will benefit you and your customers. By promoting their products or services, they will need to order all new badges after the promotion ends. For example, if a restaurant is running a two-for-one deal, the badge could say something like, “Ask me about our two-for-one entrée.” A bank could have badges that say, “Ask me about our new loan rates.”

-David Gross, Condé Systems

David Gross

David Gross

David Gross is president of Condé Systems Inc., of Mobile, Ala. For the past 24 years, he has devoted his work to advancing sublimation technology.

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