The Order of Operations for Sandcarving Techniques

Complete the sandcarving process in the order of the techniques to be utilized.

Whenever you work on a sandcarving project that involves various techniques, you should always finish the blasting process in the order of the techniques to be utilized: carving first, surface etching second, and shading last. Only after the blasting is completed do you move to other techniques such as gold leafing and/or painting.

-Ruth Dobbins, Professional Glass Consultant

Keep reading to learn how to Multi-Stage Carve on Clear Glass.

Ruth Jan 2018

Ruth Dobbins

With over 35 years in the glass business, Ruth Dobbins offers experience in fused and cast glass, as well as in glass-etching techniques. She owns Professional Glass Consultants with her husband Norm and holds a master's in printmaking and art history.

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