The No-Nos of Sublimation: Sales and marketing

Are you making these common sublimation sales and marketing mistakes?

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Once you’ve learned the computer, design, printing and transfer best practices, it’s time to consider the top common mistakes sublimators make when it comes to sales and marketing:

Underpricing your products: Sublimation is quite unique in the value and flexibility it brings to the table. Don’t base your selling price on your cost.

Not having a showroom: If you have a storefront, be sure to display great samples of all the products you offer. Also, take photos of every order and display those photos on a flat screen monitor in your showroom.

Allowing personal opinions to get in the way of making money: Add new products continuously, whether you like them or not. Let your clients decide what they like. Your goal should be to sell more to your existing clients, and it is likely that by adding new products, you can attract new clients.

Selling products without your company information on it: Many times, the ultimate recipient of your work will not know who made it. Avoid this by turning your products into a referral system. Add a sticker with your company name, website and phone number. If space allows, add a code on the product to help with quick reordering.

Avoiding fundraisers: Sublimation products are the perfect fundraising product. Why not introduce local groups and organizations to full-color photographic quality keepsakes to help make money for your business and theirs?

Guessing at how much products cost to produce: Don’t guess. Get a copy of a cost spreadsheet and use it to calculate your real costs.

Maintaining low inventory levels: Always buy a few extras of a product just in case something goes wrong. It’s also nice to have a few in stock for new sales.

Not attending trade shows: Attend trade shows and be a part of live training events.

-David Gross, Condé Systems

David Gross

David Gross

David Gross is president of Condé Systems Inc., of Mobile, Ala. For the past 24 years, he has devoted his work to advancing sublimation technology.

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