The Different Roles of Corel Software

How is the Corel collection catered to handle different applications?

It’s important to remember that CorelDraw Graphics Suite 2017 is much more than just CorelDraw. You get access to a collection of applications that will help you across all aspects of your job: Photo-Paint for professional image editing; Corel Font Manager for typography and font management; PowerTrace for raster-to-vector conversion; Corel Connect to quickly find useful content; and much more. When you buy CorelDraw, you get a package that can handle any project you throw at it.

It’s important for engravers and anyone in the graphics markets to be tied into the latest trends in design, décor, architecture, and interior design. And it’s critical that you also understand your client’s brand and how they want to project themselves to the world. They’ve hired you to give their brand a look and voice. The style and the graphics software you select will help them achieve that.

-Sobia Hameed, CorelDraw

Sobia Hameed

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