The 12 Characteristics of a Team Player

What makes an employee a team player?

In the book, Eonomics: What Makes Ego Our Greatest Asset (or Most Expensive Liability), authors David Marcum and Steven Smith provide compelling evidence and matter-of-fact answers on striking the balance between ego and humility to reach the next level of productivity, accomplishment, and leadership. They point out that the term “team player” is used more often as a weapon than a desirable work trait. Isn’t it funny that whenever a person disagrees with the boss or we just don’t like what he says, we label him “not a team player?” Marcum and Smith suggest there are 12 characteristics of the ultimate team player. They are:

  1. A “we then me” mindset; team players always consider the team first but don’t lose sight of the individual effort that’s required to accomplish a task or get the job done;
  2. Devotion to progress;
  3. Speaks his/her mind boldly, yet diplomatically;
  4. Solicits and listens carefully to feedback;
  5. Constructively discontent with the status quo;
  6. Includes all teammates and seeks diversity of approach, opinion, and experience;
  7. Insistent upon debate;
  8. Open-minded;
  9. Doesn’t allow or tolerate early warning signs of poor communication;
  10. Sees all people as equal, not as superiors or subordinates, regardless of title;
  11. Trusts other people’s intentions are worthy and admirable;
  12. Possesses the desire to “make a difference,” not just do a job.

-Vince DiCecco, Your Personal Business Trainer

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