Stay Engaged on Social Media Without the Time Commitment

What if there was a way to go on autopilot mode and keep your accounts active no matter how busy you get?

We all have a daily task list, and it is fair to say that more often than not, it leaves little to no time for staying active and engaged in social media and other forms of online marketing. Here’s how to manage both and make life easier.

  • Open the following tabs in your browser:
  • Connect HootSuite to your social media accounts: Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, etc. You can create posts within the HootSuite dashboard and schedule them to broadcast over as many of those networks as you choose, at the date and time you prefer them to be published.
  • Refer to your internet marketing calendar and address the dates you should be taking an action. If a blog post is needed, you can either repost a previous blog that has already been published, linking it to your website, or write a new one for the occasion if needed. If an email campaign is due, you can get that on your schedule, stop and create one, or copy and resend a modified version of a previous campaign.
  • Refer to the Calendar of National Days and browse for content that is related to your products and services. Example: A restaurant may choose a day such as National Cheesecake Day as an opportunity to apply a hashtag strategy and post something using the hashtag #NationalCheesecakeDay along with a link to its desserts menu. Record your scheduled posts on your social media calendar for reference.
  • Fill in any days within the month that are missing content. Example: a compelling headline and link to one of your products, services, or previous blog posts. Alternatively, you can post a joke, funny cartoon, support your favorite football team, or comment about a newsworthy subject.

After seeing your monthly social media calendar fully filled in with at least one post being published per day, you’ve completed roughly an hour’s worth of work.

-Kelly “Rags” Ragland, Rags to Stitches Productions

Kelly Ragland

Kelly "Rags" Ragland is owner and operator of Rags to Stitches Productions, a holistic advertising-specialty company providing a range of services including web design and development.

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