Starting a Sublimation Business: Exploring Markets

The first step in starting a sublimation business

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The first question to ask is what markets are you looking to sell into? There are many markets out there that can be tapped into to create great revenue opportunities.

Some of the biggest that we see are schools, clubs, and associations. These not only provide a lot of business, but if the customer is satisfied, can provide orders for years to come. Do you have access to a similar market currently? Are you a part of an organization or do you have kids or grandkids that are currently in a sport or club? Tapping into a market that you already know has a need or has access to someone that does could greatly influence your decision and make starting a lot easier.

Establishing the initial customer base is an important decision because with that, you have a platform to start from. However, it may not be the same after a few years as sometimes your focus changes. You may find success in a market that you didn’t even think of at first. But having a plan going into it will increase the likelihood of your success.


George Privateer

George is the content and media manager for Rowmark, a manufacturer of engravable sheet plastic for the awards, engraving, and signage markets.

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