Standardize Your Shop Language

Learn how to run an efficient shop with these steps. 

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To maximize your company’s productivity, it’s no secret that the recipe lies within how you standardize and simplify the steps. Streamlined shops with well-trained employees guiding the orders through the shop will always out-produce shops that just wing it. One simple step you can take to improving your shop’s efficiency is standardizing your shop’s language and processes. 

When everyone in your shop does things the same way, it makes things go faster. For example, box labels should always be placed on the short end of the box, in the upper left-hand corner. This makes it easy to find and allows you to stack the boxes up with all the labels in the same spot for easy scanning when trying to find something. Another trick is to use the same language when referring to terms in the shop. A “full front” location could mean a 12″ wide image that is printed 3″ down from the collar. “Use shop T in black,” could mean to pull a black T-shirt from inventory. Get together with your crew and list commonly used terms and train on what they mean. 

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Bruce Ackerman


Bruce Ackerman is the founder and CEO of Printavo, a business he started in 2012 after growing a print shop in college.  Since that time, Printavo has grown to help shops all over the world get organized and streamlined. He previously held a position as the head of design for Avant. Ackerman also produces content for Printavo's blog, which covers topics of shop management and efficiency.

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