Smart Embroidery Marketing

Reach a larger audience and boost sales with these four actionable embroidery marketing tips.

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Are you trying to up your marketing game? Boost sales by being personable, visual, engaging, and consistent. Here’s how:

  1. Go behind the scenes: Showing your customers a behind-the-scenes glance into your company and the work you do is a great way to market yourself. This gives your loyal and new customers a chance to better connect with your brand through things such as success stories, employee shout-outs, or seeing a project progress from start to finish.
  2. Stay visual: Social media outlets and websites are very visual, so why not show your customers what you can do and how you can help them with examples? Try highlighting items such as color swatches, font types, or thread types and colors. Seeing a finished design on a garment will impress your customers with your ‘wow factor.’
  3. Engage: Engaging with your desired audience is key when marketing your business. A great way to do this is to create a poll or give industry advice to your customers. Ask questions about what products they love, or what products or services they would like to see. Returning the favor by giving tips or advice will also help your customers see the added value in your company, resulting in more shares, likes, or comments on your social platforms.
  4. Stay consistent: When creating posts on social media, it is important to keep to a common theme. This is especially important with Instagram because anyone looking at your account will get a glimpse of several photos at one time. Choose a filter you like to use and try not to stray too far from that look. Stick to a color scheme or a certain font that identifies with your company. This will keep your page looking professional and clean. Pantone’s official Instagram account is a great example of this.

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Olivia Dean

Olivia Dean is the newest member of Madeira USA's marketing team. Dean is a recent graduate of the University of New Hampshire. With a degree in Communication, she brings strong marketing skills and knowledge of social media to her position. Participating in research and training, she is shortening the learning curve, rapidly learning the embroidery industry which she helps to support.

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