Short-Run UV-LED Printing Projects

Save time and keep things simple with this advice from Michael Perrelli of Direct Color Systems.

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Using UV printers for short runs or prototype projects? Save some testing time and don’t overthink your jig or fixture to hold the product in the correct position. Keeping it simple allows you to test and adjust imprint areas with ease. Think along the lines of using water bottle caps to hold a baseball or modeling clay to hold unique shapes. We have even seen some customers use toy building blocks to hold some wildly dimensioned products. Then, you can make your production-ready jigs once your testing is done.

-Michael Perrelli, Direct Color Systems

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Michael Perrelli

Direct Color Systems

Michael Perrelli, Marketing Manager, joined the Direct Color Systems team toward the end of 2013. In addition to managing the development and implementation of lead generation programs, Michael is responsible for managing all of DCS's marketing activities, communications, and strategies. Michael earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from the University of Rhode Island. Michael can be reached at


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