Shelf Life for the CerMark LMM-6000 Paste and Aerosol

A good rule of thumb to keep in mind before these products go to waste. 

Shelf Life is definied as the length of time for which an item remains usable.

LMM-6000 Paste will deliver durable and high-contrasting laser marks as long as the paste remains similar in characteristics (physical appearance) as when received. Due to the varying conditions within a given workshop and the user’s handling routine, the shelf life for the LMM-6000 Paste may vary.

LMM-6000 Paste is an alcohol-based product designed for fast drying time. Since the paste is made using alcohol, evaporation will occur at a fast rate. This will cause the paste to dry out when the lid is off the container for a prolonged period of time. The longer a container of LMM-6000 Paste is left open, the more likely you are to encounter a shorter shelf life*. For this reason, it’s difficult to assign a shelf life for LMM-6000 Paste. It is not uncommon for a five-year-old or older container of LMM-6000 Paste to be usable. The age of the LMM-6000 Paste isn’t the deciding factor when it comes to performance. The deciding factor is how well the user preserves the LMM-6000 Paste when not in use.

The quality and durability of a laser image created using five-year-old LMM-6000 Paste will be equal to laser marks created using LMM-6000 Paste produced yesterday.

The shelf life of LMM-6000 Aerosol is the same as the LMM-6000 Paste. If the LMM-6000 Aerosol is used as directed, it will deliver durable and high-contrasting laser marks as long as the LMM-6000 aerosol spray can is functional. A can of LMM-6000 Aerosol produced five years ago will still produce durable and high-contrasting laser marks.

*If you find that your LMM-6000 Paste has lost its original consistency and has thickened up, it probably means that some alcohol has evaporated. You can correct this by slowly adding denatured alcohol to your thickened LMM-6000 Paste, and be sure to mix thoroughly while stirring. Add denatured alcohol and stir until the paste returns to its original consistency. Be careful not to over-thin the LMM-6000 Paste; doing so will effect marking quality.

-Dennis Gilmore, Ferro Corporation

Dennis Gilmore

Dennis Gilmore is the lead technical service representative for Ferro Corporation servicing the CerMark/Thermark laser marking product line. He is known as a specialist in the industry as it relates to the patented CerMark/Thermark laser bonding technology. In his 12 years of experience, he has been involved in product development, production, quality control, and sales and distribution for the CerMark/Thermark product line. 

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