See What’s New in Sublimation Equipment

There have been a lot of changes the last few years. Take a minute to get up to speed...

Outside of printers and ink, the newest advancement is self-weeding transfer papers that allow images to be transferred without leaving a “window” on the garment (a square or rectangle that also includes non-image areas from the printed transfer paper). 

Weeding can be accomplished using different methods, generally with multi-step processes, but the simplest application is a single-step, one-paper transfer method that works on cotton as well as other sublimation-friendly fabrics. It is basically the same process as the current sublimation transfer but expanded to new materials.

Other new trends include advancements in sublimation dye-accepting coatings that extend the life of sublimation images in more extreme conditions, such as outdoor sign or art applications

Finally, vinyl is now being combined with sublimation for decorating cotton and dark fabrics. Most notably, decorators are sublimating designs onto white glitter vinyl and then pressing the vinyl to cotton garments and other substrates.

-Robin Kavanagh, Sawgrass

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