See the High-Value Perception of Decorating Wood

Decorated wooden products offer a duality of added value.

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Wood is easily engraved and holds high-value perception whether used with trendy colors or left to traditional natural beauty. Color lacquers also create diverse looks and engrave well, so laser engraving and color printing can be used effectively together when working with wood.

There have been many product changes when it comes to wood, especially since the introduction of the laser machines several years ago, and now with the direct color systems coming to the market.

The products have since moved from award plaques that hang on the wall to more functional personalized awards such as boxes and clocks-boxes are currently very popular, as they can be engraved or printed with 3D designs or color logos and personalized inside and out. Decorated wooden boxes offer a duality of added value, as they can act as the vessel for a high-end award or be the high-end award in their own right.

-Barry Stewart, Colorado Heirloom Inc.

Barry Stewart

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