Regional Events for Awards Retailers to Capitalize On

There are a remarkable number of opportunities to produce awards for professionals in both the sports and entertainment businesses.

I find using online search engines is a great way to locate opportunities, especially regionally. Local TV and newspapers are also great sources for event promotion. If you see an announcement for an event that already happened, you can start the sales process for the future event. These are often high-end product opportunities worth the marketing effort.

National and Regional Sports Organizations and Events

  • Minor baseball league teams and independent leagues
  • Hockey minor leagues
  • Sports leagues alumni associations (charity golf tournaments)
  • College sports
  • Off-road racing series
  • Speed records in almost every sport
  • Free-style motocross
  • Professional athletes who sponsor teams and athletes
  • Snowboarding associations and tours
  • Auto racing
  • Bicycle racing – there are teams and events everywhere
  • Professional and amateur wrestling
  • Figure skating
  • Premier arena soccer, professional arena soccer
  • Dance competitions
  • Ballroom dance competitions

Regional Entertainment Event Opportunities

  • Independent film festivals
  • Music festivals
  • Comedy festivals and competitions

-Bob Hagel, Eagle’s Mark

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