Re-Engage Yourself into Your Business

Become engaged rather than succumbing to fear.

I do think that it is possible to be in our business without being engaged, for any number of legitimate reasons, and that it can lead to customer disappearances and then into paralysis – the transmitting equivalent of trying to use your cell phone from an underwater cave. Engagement and action seem to fix that transmission problem in ways that don’t always correlate to the actual steps taken.

Even if the enemy is at the door and we are caught unprepared, becoming engaged is a far better game plan than succumbing to fear. That said, the next time we have a little extra time, we might want to counsel ourselves and come up with some strategies to keep us engaged even when we are busy, so we can dive right in when things start to slow down.

-Jim Sadler 

Jim Sadler

Jim Sadler is a former university professor of computer graphics and a freelance designer. He is currently offering his services as a consultant within the industry. He brings together his expertise in design, computer graphics and industry-related technologies with his ability to communicate through teaching and technical assistance. Jim can be reached by e-mail at [email protected] His web address is

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