Quick Tips for Changing Ink Colors

Use these hassle-free tips when changing ink colors on a screen-printing press.

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Ryonet shares a step-by-step video tutorial that walks screen printers through the process of swapping colors on-press and a technique involving minimal hassle, as well as little ink and chemical waste.

Check out these actionable tips to saving time and money when changing ink colors:

  • Start with light-colored inks then move to dark
  • Return excess ink to the container by pulling as much ink onto the squeegee
  • Use junk shirts or shop rags to cover the platen and clean the screen in the printing position
  • Use 3-4 medium sprays of screen cleaner
  • Squeegee the chemical and ink off your screen and wipe away any excess
  • Spray screen clean on each side of the screen and wipe down
  • Take a clean rag and buff out any residue
  • Use a dark rag to wipe and check for any leftover ink ?

Important points: Print from light to dark, manage your ink effectively, and let your squeegee do the work. 



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