Printing White Ink on Black Shirts

Use this visual demonstration to see the difference between a single pass of white ink and a print-flash-print on a black garment. 

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Dwayne Collins of Texsource Screen Printing Supply demonstrates printing white ink on a black substrate, outlining the differences in a single-pass print and a print-flash-print, and the subsequent vibrancy of each.

Video takeaways:

  • It all comes back to the material you’re printing on
  • Some whites take a little longer to flash than others
  • A typical flash will be anywhere between five to 10 seconds
  • Check ink for tackiness with finger
  • Print-flash-print will give you a brighter print versus a single pass of white
  • Key: Make sure your flash is dry to the touch before printing the second pass
  • Key: Make sure you’re printing the right white for the garment

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