Pricing Tips for Profitable Hard-Surface Sublimation Markets

How to price sublimated products in profitable markets.

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The market opportunities with hard surface sublimation are wide ranging. There are several great markets that are good to start you off on hard-surface transfers.

The wedding market is a great avenue for finding this business. The table decorations, bridesmaid gifts, groomsmen gifts, photo backdrops, and props are all items you can create by adding hard-surface transfer to your arsenal. The great part about these goods is that they are typically short runs, and compared to other expenses, the wedding party faces are a relatively low investment. The downside is that this is probably an afterthought for most and might be a last-minute, low-priority gift. For example, you can sell a set of 10 personalized beer glasses for groomsmen gifts for about $20 each. You will most likely have about $3 in each glass and another $0.25 in the paper and toner costs, adding up to an 85 percent profit.

Company recognition is big business. The nice part about this type of offering is that the company probably has a budget for these items. Plaques of these sorts sell for $50 each, and depending on where you buy the blank, your cost will be less than $10. You will only have about $0.50 in toner and paper costs; so again, it’s a huge margin opportunity.

-Aaron Montgomery, 2 Regular Guys, MontCo Consulting

Aaron Montgomery

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