Preparing a Wash Station for Sandcarved Pieces

Prepare your sandcarved pieces for this important post-processing step

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It is important to rinse your sandcarved items thoroughly and properly, especially glass items because leftover abrasive residue can cause scratching. Before you remove any tape, set up an area for the rinsed, sandcarved pieces by spreading out blotting towels on a carpeted table. After rinsing, you’ll place the clean, wet etched pieces on the blotting towels.

Ideally, you should have three sinks ready with warm water. Each sink should be lined with a sponge mat to protect the product from nicking or scratching against the basin bottom.

The first sink of warm water is used to remove the loose abrasive from the blasted item. Hold the product and siwrl it around in the first sink. Then set it down inside the sink for a few minutes to allow the water to loosen the photomask and tape.

Place the rinsed product in the second sink and remove the photomask.

After you remove the photomask and the tape, place the item in the third sink for the final rinse. If you allow glass to sit in warm water for a few minutes (or longer), the remaining bits of photomask and tape will come off easily.

Place the rinsed pieces on the blotting towels and then clean each one with a cleaner and soft cloth.

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