Popular Designs for Sublimated Socks

What's hot in sublimated socks?

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Popular designs for sublimated socks include professional sports teams, school colors, teams, and logos, personalized with names, monograms, jersey numbers, geometric shapes, floral patterns, and more. Sublimated socks are as versatile as T-shirts when it comes to design.

Check out Etsy to see what type, style, and designs of socks are most popular at the moment, as styles and trends are constantly evolving. This can also help you when deciding how much to sell your socks for. Stay current. This will keep your business thriving for years to come. 

-David Gross, Condé Systems

David Gross

David Gross

David Gross is president of Condé Systems Inc., of Mobile, Ala. For the past 24 years, he has devoted his work to advancing sublimation technology.

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