Pick and Shape Your Designs with These CorelDraw Tools

Get your designs in tip-top shape with these CorelDraw tools.

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The pick tool is the tool we use to select or move objects on the screen. It can be selected by clicking on the icon in the upper left corner of the Toolbox or by tapping the space bar on your keyboard. If you have a very large monitor, you will find the space bar shortcut a real help since it takes at least a couple of movements to get from one side of the screen to the other.

The shape tool is second on the list of tools in your toolbox and also has multiple functions. Perhaps the most common is selecting a square or rectangular object to change the type of corners it has. There are three options here: the chamfered, scalloped or rounded corners. These can be done in unison or one at a time.

The shape tool also helps us with text as it can allow us to manually kern the letters in a word or alter one or more letters by holding down the shift key and selecting multiple letters. Once selected, the letters can be moved, changed in size or font, or the spacing can be altered with other letters. Holding down the shift key while move text will keep the text on the same baseline.

The shape tool also allows us to add or remove space between letters by using an arrow on the right lower side of the text. Click and drag the arrow left or right to add or reduce space. When there is more than one line of text, the arrow on the left at the bottom of the text will allow you to change the amount of space between the lines of text.

These are simple functions but are some of the most commonly used items in Corel, and a thorough knowledge of these two tools is vital to getting things done.

-Stephen Spence, Recognition Concepts

Stephen Spence

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