Mother’s Day Screen-Printing Ideas

Learn how to use specialty screen-printing inks for some added bling to that personalized Mother's Day garment. 

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For Mother’s Day prints think outside of the box and use specialty inks to create designs that shine. Moms love bling.

Glitter inks

Remember to print glitter inks through coarser mesh counts to let the glitter flake pop. Check with your ink manufacturer for the recommended mesh count. I recommend a 24 mesh count for the best results.

Shimmer inks

Shimmer inks use a finer metallic particle and can be printed through higher mesh counts (86-120 count) to create a shimmer look.

Remember when printing glitter or shimmer inks to adjust your dryer to achieve full cure temperatures. The metallic flake in glitter and shimmer inks will reflect the heat away from the garment. Usually, a slower belt speed will do the trick. Remember to test before going into production.

Reflective inks

Reflective prints also give designs pop during low light conditions when hit by a bright light. Check with your ink manufacturer for proper mesh counts and curing temperatures as a variety of different reflective inks are currently on the market.

Gel-gloss inks

Overprint gels are another way to enhance standard prints by adding shine or a wet look to a print. Most gels can be printed through an 110 mesh count screen. Remember to reach the recommended full cure for optimum clarity of the finished gel print.

Foil adhesives

Using foil will help you create a shiny design in an almost endless color pattern. Most foil adhesives are printed through a 74-110 mesh count depending on the design.

All of the above inks and methods can be used in creating designs for shirts as well as hats, cotton gardening gloves, cloth calendars, and aprons for Mom’s special day. By using your imagination, you can create endless designs on a variety of substrates.

John Levocz

John Levocz is North East regional sales manager for International Coatings. He has over 35 years of screen printing experience and is a regular contributor to International Coatings' blogs. For more information, visit and read the company's blog at

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