Men’s Spring/Summer Headwear Trends

Look out for the latest in men's headwear styles and decoration trends. 

You may have caught Potter’s previous style rundown on women’s spring/summer headwear trends. The headwear series continues with a spotlight on men’s styles for the warm weather ahead.

Style and Personality

This year’s spring/summer season includes earthy tones and finishes inspired by nature. Expect pops of bright colors and patterns, as well as reflective fabrics.

The six-panel Dad Hat keeps a stronghold, but the vintage five-panel foam style will gain significant market share. Expect full-mesh styles and camper shapes to make a notable appearance. Heathered fabrics remain a staple in headwear, but get ready for a rise in more durable fabrics like denim, corduroy, and canvas.

Sun protection lines including boonies and buckets are on trend. UPF-certified fabrics are a must in this category. Consider adding variants with removable straps and face masks to your offerings.

As the weather heats up, the sports styles follow. All-over fish patterns, as well as non-traditional camouflage like digital camo and generic camo, are popular. Get ready for muted tones nature-inspired colors.

Flat bill caps still dominate the surf and skate market, and old-school vintage looks will be sought after.

The Americana trend is dominant in the summer months, and with Memorial Day and Independence Day, people want to show their USA pride.

Decoration Elements

Graphics on men’s headwear are built around a tagline and its typography. Nature scenes, bears, and national parks are common motifs.

Additionally, men are embracing the floral and tropical prints craze. You’ll also see tie-dyes, tribal patterns, and ombre effects.

Venting and custom eyelets keep caps breathable while adding an extra style element for warmer seasons. Expect embossed and debossed leather, as well as,  ropes, quilting, and cut-and-sew details.

Emily Potter

Emily Potter is the former content marketer for Outdoor Cap Company. She holds an M.A. in advertising and public relations from the University of Alabama and a B.B.A in marketing.

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