Men’s Hat Trends and Styles

Check out what's hot in men's headwear. 

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Welcome to men’s hat trends-overarching styles in men’s headwear today. 

The first trend is full of soft pastels, grays, and earthy tones with hipster inspiration. The trend has a handcrafted feel at a mass produced level. Amidst the neutrality, there will be pops of bright colors and patterns. The six-panel “dad hat” will stay strong, and the vintage five-panel foam style will gain significant market share.

Heathered fabrics will remain a staple in headwear, and you’ll see a rise in more durable fabrics like denim, corduroy, and canvas. Not to be overlooked are summer aesthetics combining luminous pastels with bright primary colors. In the fall, look towards retro looks that are met with modern technology and bright pops of color and texture.

Another significant trend revolves around active lifestyle and performance fabrics. A marriage of modern nightlife and hyper-tropical influences.


As the weather heats up, so do fishing styles, both fresh water and salt water. You’ll see detailed illustrations, especially trout as well as non-traditional camouflage like digital camo and generic camo. There will still be a significant number of hunting styles despite the season.

Surf and Skate

Flat bill caps will still dominate this market, but “dad hats” continue making significant headway. Vibrant colors will mesh well with neutral earth tones. Generic camo will be common here as well

Old School

This style focuses on quality craftsmanship and durable, weathered caps. You’ll see textured fabrics that reflect the outdoor lifestyle using a lot of browns and olives as the base tones.


The Americana trend is very prominent in the market. The summer months are home to Memorial Day and Independence Day and people want to show their pride in the U.S.A. During this season, you can expect red, white, and blue plaids, gradients, and tie-dyes. 

Prints and Patterns

For the fall, men will be embracing floral and tropical prints. Geometric patterns and generic camo remain popular. Retro looks are met with modern technology and bright pops of color and texture.

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