Marketing Recognition Products on a Modest Budget

See how you can have five different marketing campaigns at once for under $100.

Networking and sales calls are always an effective method to build sales. But, as there are limited hours in the day and evening for sales calls and networking, an excellent way to build a brand, introduce capabilities and products, and make your phone ring is through postcards. I find direct postcard marketing to be cost efficient and the results effective.

Why postcards? A postcard can easily be designed in-house, postage is as cheap as postage can be, it stands out in your mail, and will always be seen as they don’t need to be opened. It’s also the perfect algorithm for target marketing. Unlike a radio commercial or a newspaper ad that is heard or seen by most anybody, target marketing allows you to narrow in on just the people you want to contact for that marketing campaign. For instance, a postcard can be designed specifically for an organization such as a school robotics team or science club. Postcards can be printed with low minimums per design, making the campaign highly targeted.

To begin your targeting efforts, start with an online search on Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, or Yelp. School districts generally have extensive websites providing a lot of information with programs, activities, and contacts. Do one campaign at a time, and schedule 30 to 60 minutes each day to search.

As for the postcards themselves, keep your design simple. Make sure the design is uncluttered, neat, and professional-looking. Your text should be simple, minimal, and left- or right-justified. Don’t angle text, nor use hard-to-read fonts. Photos should be high quality and no more than four should be included.

Your postcard campaign should include at least 50 postcards. With most print companies, the cost starts between $10 to $17 for 50 based on size, which means you can have five different campaigns going at the same time for less than $100. Finally, create professional-looking labels with a label printer in the shop or through a professional printer and send them on their way.

-Bob Hagel, Eagle’s Mark

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