Marketing Embroidered Children’s Apparel

If you're interested in creating embroidered clothing for children, your first step is finding your market.

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If you’re interested in creating embroidered clothing for children, your first step is finding your market. If you already have a brick and mortar store with a loyal customer base, do some basic research and ask around about mommy and me groups or other parent and child related activities that you can attend. In addition to getting information from your customers, consider your own family. If you have kids of your own, make sure they’re always outfitted in the latest and cutest work that you’ve created, and make sure you have business cards to hand out when people ask about the shirt your child is wearing.

For selling embroidered children’s apparel online, start investigating sites like Etsy. If you have the time and resources, creating your own website is a viable option as well. Social media can also be fertile ground for sales for both online and local customers, as long as you find individuals that fit your target market, and you make a point of actively engaging them online. 

One thing to remember when selling children’s apparel is that there are specific rules for children’s clothing mandated by the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). In general, these rules aren’t as stringent for embroidery as for some other decoration methods, but there may be labeling stipulations or other requirements.


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